Registered Nurse Founded and Operated

AT LAST!  Chemical and Pesticide free lice treatment provided for you in the privacy of your own home!  The Greater Hudson Valley finally has affordable local access to services previously only available by traveling to New York City. Click here to see our rates.

Every year tens of millions of children are affected by head lice. That’s the bad news.  The good news is our one time all natural lice treatment will remove all lice and nits from your child’s head. You no longer have to slather your children with toxic chemicals and pesticides to try to get rid of these annoying critters!

Fresh Heads Lice Removal Services uses an all natural process to rid you and your children of all head lice and nits. We DO NOT use any chemicals, poisons or toxic substances at any time during our treatment.  Click here to learn more about lice and their life cycle.

Fresh Heads Lice Removal Services was created by Laura Pittelman RN